With You Ella

# 1

With You Ella

# 1

The word "Ella" means light. When we first looked at the designs for this piece, we were struck by the uniqueness of the black mother of pearl with the white topaz and quickly, determined that it would be so wonderful to add a second version with a white quartz doublet. The result is two beautiful pieces that allow some light through them. We think this will be your go to statement piece you wear when you want to shine your own light.

Product Details


The Ella locket necklace was initially created with Black Mother of Pearl and we added in a second version with a White Quartz Doublet, with both accented with white topaz on an 18" Sterling Silver chain. These pieces will make a statement. Pendant measures 26 x 19.5 mm

Name Ella
Stock Number 1
Type Charm
Sub Type Adjustable, Charm, Jewelry, Unique
Materials Diamond, Black Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver

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The History of the Locket

What is the history of the locket? While all jewelry is personal, the locket is perhaps the most personal of all. Speaking about lockets, British locket enthusiast and collector Sheherazade Goldsmith says: “They’re heirlooms that represent a moment in time … [walking in London] I’d come across engraved silver hearts in Portobello Road antique stalls and wonder about the stories.” Lockets can tell stories - on a grand and an historical scale. Gold lockets, silver lockets, jeweled lockets – these can mean more than the sum of their parts. Such was the case when lockets were worn to express membership in a secret society – an allegiance to a slain monarch in the divided political landscape of Great Britain following the execution of British King Charles I in 1649.